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Phoenixville Area Time Bank offers people the opportunity to reach out, ask for help, and discover the joy of sharing their interests and skills with others.

Your Time Bank
the Best Deal in Town!

An extraordinary opportunity is yours for the asking. It is the Phoenixville Area Time Bank, an organization where members can build relationships, make connections, and meet personal needs through sharing of their skills and services.

All of this happens through the exchange of Time Dollars, the measure of the community’s giving. Time Dollars is a new kind of currency based on time, not on cash. You can earn one time dollar for each hour you spend providing a service for a member of our community. To get started, you need to ask what is it that I can offer to others. It could be an hour of office organization, hauling stuff, working on the computer, running an errand, cooking a meal or making phone calls.

Once you have given your time, the exciting part comes when you have a need – e.g., someone to work on a home repair, baby sit the dog, or drive you to the airport.

It works. All you have to do is to log onto the web site for the PA – Time Bank at or call Margo Ketchum, the coordinator for the Time Bank at: 610-608-9281. From your first exchange, you will be surprised at the joy and delight of working with other members in your community.

Information/Orientation Meeting

To appreciate the Best Deal in Town, it is important that you invest some time of your own in learning how this organization works (and earn Time Dollars!) Attend an orientation meeting! There you will learn how to use the new web site, how to post your needs, contact others, etc. So, make it a must to attend the next orientation meeting. Please RSVP to Margo at